Locum Chronicles

  • It is impossible to be prepared for everything! There’s always a joker to trump anything you have ever experienced and the community pharmacy experience is no exception. It was a lovely day at work and I was having a great time as the newest pharmacist in the building; especially considering the fact that just two days before, I had set a new record of the highest daily sales ever made by a locum pharmacist in their first week. This made me popular with the other pharmacists and support staff, everyone liked me and I was literally walking on air; well,

  • The internship year for young professionals is usually filled with numerous experiences. It is usually a platform for demonstrating classroom knowledge in the real world and developing practical professional skills. It is a period of experiential practical training. I did my mandatory internship in a reputable teaching hospital in Nigeria. In fact, it’s the only hospital whose name is written in plural “hospitals complex”. As an intern, I was of value to both the patients and medical personnel. It’s a known fact that the hospital pharmacist is one of the overworked medical personnel in healthcare. A normal day for me

  • One of the most interesting and maybe frustrating part of being a pharmacist is to work as a locum pharmacist. It comes with plenty of drama. I mean, you have to be ready for the funny, cool and downright annoying ones every single day. Also, the location of a pharmacy usually determines the kind of people who will visit your pharmacy to get drugs. Another thing is, if you have a nice boss…good for you. But if you don’t? Oh Lord! Well, that’s a story for another day. So, allow me to share one of my encounters. This woman in

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I have very high expectations for Pharmacy Hub. I have always imagined the possibility of having a forum exclusive to pharmacists alone. This should be pretty interesting.